My Water Bottle || About Us

This is why we do what we do.  The facts around plastic water bottles are alarming.  We need to make a change.


  • 1.44 Billion plastic water bottles are purchased around the world everyday
  • Bottled water is 2000% more expensive than tap water
  • Plastic in landfill can take over 1000 years before it starts to breakdown.
  • To produce 1 litre of bottled water it takes 3 litres of water & 250ml of oil.
  • 1 litre of bottles water is more expensive than 1 litre of petrol.
  • Only 1 in 5 plastic water bottles are recycled.

By adopting the practice of using a re-usable water bottle you can make a difference, lessen your impact, save money & the planet.

We want to make water bottles that make people happy, so we put your pet on them, to help spark joy & so you can take your pet with you on a water bottle  every where you go.

We give re-usable water bottles a personality, capturing your image in a digital illustration & printing it in a fun & memorable way.

Putting a smile into saying no to single use plastic water bottles.